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Participate in a Study


We are always looking for patients and healthy volunteers who will participate in our research studies and trials.  Research into disease in humans can only continue with the good will of research participants.  Some of our studies require only a single short appointment, others a longer commitment.  All studies that we conduct have been ethically approved.  Patient safety and well-being is always our primary consideration.  If you would like become a research participant please contact us at or telephone 01392 408181.

We are currently looking for individuals to take part in the following studies:

Study Name Volunteers Needed Type of Study Time Commitment
EXTEND Anyone over 16 Observational 1 x 30 mins
DIVA /Fat DIVA Follow up from EXTEND Observational 1 x 3-5 hours
DASHER Untreated high blood pressure Testing currently prescribed drugs 10 visits