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CRF018b: ECHO PIV (A pilot study to determine clinical utility in carotid artery disease)

ECHO PIV: A pilot study to determine clinical utility in carotid artery disease

Status: Active

PI: Phil Gates

Aim: To perform Echo PIV on left and right carotid arteries in patients with confirmed atherosclerotic plaques, on volunteers diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and on healthy volunteers.
Primary objective: To assess the in-vivo feasibility of Echo PIV in patients with different degrees of plaque formation;
Secondary objectives linked to this aim are: a) to compare Echo PIV data obtained in the left and right carotid artery in patients who have symptoms indicating that only one side of the brain affected; b) to determine if Echo PIV can provide detailed information about the degree of arterial narrowing compared with conventional measurement.

Ethics approval number:  09/H0202/49

Start date: Autumn 2009

External Funding: University of Colorado

For more information, please click here for the participant information sheet, or contact Phillip Gates on 01392 403088 or