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Application to Use the Peninsula Research Bank

The Steering Group of the Peninsula Research Bank meets monthly to approve requests for use of data, contact details, volunteers and samples.

If you have an ethically approved study that needs access to pre-screened volunteers who are happy to participate in research, please complete this volunteer request form and send to

If you are undertaking biomarker studies and require samples of DNA, whole blood, serum, plasma or urine and want samples from well-characterised volunteers, please complete this sample request form and send to  If approved, you will be asked to sign the following material transfer agreement.

If you require anonymised data from the Exeter 10,000 database, please complete this request for data form and send to  If approved, you will be asked to complete the following data agreement.

Prior to your formal application, please send a data query request form to find out whether the bank has data relevant to your question, or volunteers/samples on the database that meet your criteria, to

All requests should be recieved at least 10 days prior to the Steering Committee meetings, which are on the last Thursday of every month.