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Hypothyroidism in pregnancy

Bijay Viadja & Bea Knight

By the end of pregnancy about 4 out of every 100 babies are laying bottom first instead of head first. This is called a breech presentation and can cause both mother and baby problems at delivery. We already know that if babies are small or labour starts early this can increase the risk of a breech delivery, but as this is not always the case, there must be other reasons. One possible reason may be related to the mother’s thyroid hormone levels. These hormones can affect muscle tone, and so may effect how the baby is lying. We want to explore this idea, and to do this we want to see if there is any connection between breech presentation and thyroid hormone levels in a group of healthy pregnant women.

Funding: £9854 - R&D small grant

MREC no 11/SW/0088

R&D 1122566