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Peninsula Research Network

Researchers involved in the Clinical Research Facility include:

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Areas of Interest
Andrew T. Hattersley                       A/C Genetics and Physiology of Diabetes, MODY, Neonatal Diabetes
Angela C. Shore A Diabetes and Vascular Disease
Tim Frayling A Polygenic Diabetes
Sian Ellard  A Genetic Diagnostics, Monogenic Diabetes
Jackie Whatmore  A Endothelial Cell Biology
Sheena Hubble  C Microcirculation and sepsis 
Paul Winyard  A Oxidative Stress, Vascular Dysfuntion
Paul Eggleton  A Lupus 
Katarina Kos  A/C Obesity & Diabetes
David Melzer  A/C Epidemiology and Public Health
Tariq Ahmad  C Gastroenerology, Genetics of IBD 
Bev Shields  A Statistics 
David Llewellen   A Epidemiology 
Philip Gates   A Vascular Dysfunction 
David Strain   A/C Stroke/Elderly Care